Work Samples

These are some samples of my writing and game design work:EP - 03 - 110 - Iktomi Ruins

  • “Lack” (PDF link)–This fiction piece, co-authored by Davidson Cole, is the opening story for the Eclipse Phase RPG core rulebook. Its intent was to convey the setting, what characters do in the game, and some prominent themes of the game.
  • Eclipse Phase Core Rulebook (PDF link)–Nothing provides a better example of my game design, development, and writing work as the Eclipse Phase RPG. I was lead designer and developer on this project, wrote a significant portion of the book (the Game Mechanics, Character Creation and Advancement, and Action and Combat chapters are entirely mine, and I contributed to most others), edited the book, and provided art direction. This game is licensed under a Creative Commons by-nc-sa license so is perfectly legal to download and share, though if you like it please support our work!
  • Firewall Introduction (PDF link)–Cut from the Eclipse Phase Core Rulebook and condensed onto one page, these short pieces introduce the conspiratorial organization Firewall from two different in-character perspectives.
  • Mind the WMD (PDF link)–This 15-page scenario writeup appeared in the Eclipse Phase Quick-Start Rules. It includes a complete introductory adventure and player character backgrounds and stats.
  • Untitled Horizon Story (PDF link)–This short fiction piece appeared in the Seattle 2072 sourcebook for the Shadowrun, Fourth Edition RPG, published in 2009. The story accompanies the history section (p. 36) and takes place sometimes between the Crash 2.0 and the ascension of Horizon to the Corporate Court. This piece and artwork are copyright 2009 WizKids Inc.
  • Untitled Unwired Story (PDF link)–Published in 2008 in the Unwired sourcebook for the Shadowrun, Fourth Edition RPG, the intent of this chapter-opening short fiction piece was to illustrate some of the tools and methods of hackers in that setting, as well as their outlook.

Artwork credit: Posthuman Studios. This Iktomi Ruins piece by Leanne Buckley for the Eclipse Phase RPG, some rights reserved.


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