One Post to Update Them All

July 30, 2011

I have been criminally negligent in updating this blog. Since Posthuman Studios went independent, we’ve all been rather busy. There’s a lot to report on over the past year, however, so here’s one massive catch-up post in bulletpoint format:

  • We released several Eclipse Phase supplements: Gatecrashing, a sourcebook on exoplanet exploration; Continuity, a PDF-exclusive adventure with audio components; and Ego Hunter, a PDF-exclusive adventure I wrote where everyone plays a fork of the same character. These can all be found on our Releases page.
  • In 2010, Eclipse Phase won a Gold ENnie Award for Best Writing and Silver Awards for Best Cover and Product of the Year.
  • The 2010 End-of-Year Report for Posthuman Studios provides a break down of how our first year went, offers some transparent numbers about sales and other biz, and explains some of our philosophy behind Creative Commons licensing.
  • Our Sunward sourcebook for EP was nominated for an Origins Award this year for Best Sourcebook, but sadly did not win.
  • Fellow Posthuman Adam Jury posted up his Ignite presentation on our publishing efforts and philosophy.
  • We took Eclipse Phase in for a third reprint. This one has some new art (all Creative Commons-licensed now), is updated with all of the errata, and features a better paper stock and two bookmarks.
  • Posthuman Studios recently went independent from our previous publishing partner, Sandstorm Productions.
  • Eclipse Phase received 6 ENnie nominations this year. Gatecrashing is up for Best Writing, Best Supplement, Best Production Values, and Product of the Year; the Continuity adventure is up for Best Electronic Book; and the EP Gamemaster Pack is nominated for Best Aid/Accessory. Voting is already over, we hear the results at the Gen Con ENnie ceremony on Friday August 5th.
  • Our next sourcebook, Panopticon, is shipping now from the printers — we’ll have it at Gen Con!

One comment

  1. Became a fan of the game three months back and have managed to start my own campaign. Thank you for all the work you and everyone at Posthuman studios puts into Eclipse Phase. I’ve even started putting my players hijinks online for everyone to read. Anyway I’ll be waiting eagerly for that kickstarter. I convinced all my players to throw money at it to.

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