Awards and New Releases

July 15, 2010

It’s been a busy summer so far. After divorcing ourselves from Catalyst, we have successfully gotten Posthuman Studios on its feet and partnered with Sandstorm Productions, who handle our sales & fulfillment. We managed to get the Eclipse Phase Core Rulebook back in stock and launched an amnesty program for people who had bought the PDF via the BattleShop. We had a modest but notable presence at the Origins Game Fair, selling shiny new copies of our EP Gamemaster Pack and running demo games, and while we were there we happened to pick up a nice little thing called the Origins Award for Best Roleplaying Game! It’s nice to get the new company launched in style.

Right after we were back from Origins, we passed our first Eclipse Phase sourcebook, Sunward: The Inner System, off to press (check out our first art preview). It should debut at GenCon, where will we be hanging with our Sandstorm peeps at Booth #2009 and engaging in various sundry activities, from biz to games to mayhem. One thing we hope to do there is pick up one or more of the four ENnie Awards for which Eclipse Phase has been nominated (in the categories of Best Cover Art, Best Writing, Best Production Values, and Game of the Year). We have some stiff competition (Pathfinder is the behemoth in the room), and are even running against ourselves in some respect (we are up against the 20th Anniversary version of Shadowrun, Fourth Edition, a full-color update of a game on which I was lead developer, in two categories).

We’ve also taken the opportunity to experiment with some new digital releases. Two fiction pieces I authored, “Lack” (from the EP Core Rulebook) and “Melt” (from the upcoming Sunward book) are now available in ePub and MOBI (Amazon Kindle) formats, in addition to PDF. We’ve also released the sample characters from the EP Core Rulebook in iPad format. Adam notes some lessons we’ve learned from these experiments so far.


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