Many Updates and Changes

May 10, 2010

I’ve been neglecting this blog for too long, and now I have a pile of news and updates to catch up on.

  • Catalyst Woes: In March some unfortunate news came to light at Catalyst Game Labs concerning, as they put it, the improper “co-mingling” of company funds. I’m not going to comment on the situation here, but you can read what CGL has to say in the press releases on their website and there are numerous threads full of rumor and speculation on various RPG forums. Due to what was going on, however, both Adam Jury and myself decided to part ways with CGL. We also immediately went about severing the license between Posthuman Studios and CGL for Eclipse Phase, so now that game is entirely back in our hands. Many of our friends and former colleagues have also distanced themselves from CGL, and WildFire also severed their license and reclaimed their Cthulhutech line. It remains to be seen how the CGL situation will play out, but I’m very sad that many of my friends have had their livelihoods disrupted by this turn of events.
  • Posthuman Futures: On the positive side, Adam, Brian, and myself are making progress on taking Posthuman Studios up a few notches. We plan to continue publishing Eclipse Phase (and also some other games) in the future and are arranging our business so that Posthuman will handle all EP production itself. We are making an arrangement with a new publishing partner who will handle our printing, warehousing, and fulfillment. We’re doing our best to turn misfortune into opportunity, and we have some exciting plans in the works, so expect to hear much more from us soon.
  • EP Gamemaster Pack: The EP Gamemaster Pack is now available in PDF format. You can see what it’s like here. There are two versions, the regular one and a Hack Pack that provides the construction files so that fans may take advantage of the Creative Commons license and make their own. The hardcopy EP Gamemaster Packs will be arriving at  the warehouse soon. Posthuman Studios is currently negotiating to buy these away from CGL, along with the core book reprint. There will be a small delay as we re-sticker these, but we hope to have them out into stores as soon as possible.
  • EP Award Nominations: Eclipse Phase has been nominated for the Best Roleplaying Game for this year’s Origins Awards. We’re in good company, so the competition is tight. We were also nominated for this year’s Grog d’Or, though Cubicle 7’s Dr. Who claimed that win today — congrats guys!
  • EP FTW: Eclipse Phase has done amazingly well so far. Our first print run sold out in 4-5 months and there’s a significant demand for the second printing. Our PDF sales have been phenomenal, despite the fact that the game is freely available for download. We attribute a big part of this to going for the low price point of $15. As Adam noted, this was a decision we had to struggle with CGL over, and in the end we placed our royalties on the line to prove it would work. Our risk paid off. The original requirement with CGL was that we had to double the sales of an equivalent core game PDF that was priced at $30 within an 18 month period. We exceeded that goal approximately one month after the PDF was released! This success prompted CGL to not only lower the price point on all of their core rulebook PDFs, but also to license their next game line, Leviathins, under a Creative Commons license.
  • PDF Updates and Amnesty Program: We recently issued an update to the EP Core Rulebook and EP Gamemaster Pack PDFs. We also set up an amnesty program for customers who had purchased our PDFs on CGL’s Battleshop online store, so that they can receive PDF updates from One Bookshelf (DriveThruRPG/RPGNow).
  • Site Updates: I recently added some new material to my Work  Samples page, and I updated the EP Core Rulebook PDF link to the most recent version. I’ve also set up an Eclipse Phase PDFs page for easy access to the latest PDF versions of EP products.

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  1. I’m very glad things are looking up across the board, for you and the others.

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