Eclipse Phase Off to Press

July 7, 2009

ep_promoIt’s been a long journey, but Eclipse Phase, the project that has consumed much of my life over the past year, went to press a bit over a week ago. This is the game co-created by myself and Brian Cross, so it’s really sweet to finally send it off. I’m itching to get my hands on the print proofs. Looking over the almost-final PDF, I have to say it’s a very nice-looking book. Adam Jury did a fantastic job with the look and layout, and we had help from some kickass artists. The book is full color, hardcover, and weighs in at 400 pages. A major chunk of that is setting and explaining the effects of transhuman technologies of course. We had help from some great writers like John Snead, Jack Graham, and Lars Blumenstein–thanks guys! Scum Enforcer Fury

We don’t have an explicit street release date yet, but it’s still a couple of months off, as we’re printing it overseas. We will be previewing and demoing the game at GenCon of course, and the PDF and Quick Start Rules of the book will be released by then as well. We’ll be posting more artwork and preview material to the website too, so stay tuned.

(Artwork by Ben Newman, Creative Commons licensed)


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